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1/10/22: Jaley Adkins joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher to synthesize nanomaterials using sustainable plant extracts. Welcome to the team Jaley!

11/18/21: Amin gave a seminar on the development of field-effect transistors for detecting viruses to the Department of Chemistry at UofL. Congrats to Amin for a job well done and passing his literature seminar!

11/10/21: Andrew presented our recent findings on how the hydration shell of organic cations affects electrochemical CO2 reduction in acetonitrile at the SERMACS meeting in Birmingham, AL.


8/23/21: Virginia Noe joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher to fabricate Cu and Ni nanoparticles using lithography. Welcome to the team Virginia!

8/6/21: Congratulations to An for being awarded an Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant from the EVPRI's office!


7/6/21: New research article accepted! Our collaborative work with the Handa Group, "Shielding Effect of Nanomicelles: Stable and Catalytically Active Oxidizable Pd(0) Nanoparticle Catalyst Compatible for Cross-Couplings of Water-Sensitive Acid Chlorides in Water" is published in JACS Au (Link).


6/1/21: An Tran joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher to work on the synthesis of nanomaterials to be used as electrocatalysts. Welcome An!

5/24/21: Dr. Padmanabh Joshi joins the lab as a postdoc to study catalysis using multimodal spectroscopy. Welcome Padmanabh!

4/1/21: New research article accepted! "A rich catalog of C-C bonded species formed in CO2 reduction on a plasmonic photocatalyst" is published in Nature Communications (Link).

This work is featured in Editors' Highlights in Catalysis (Link). 

3/23/21: Andrew gave a lecture titled "Vibrational microscopy" to chemistry students at Southwestern University. Thanks to Prof. Massey for the opportunity and to the students for stimulating discussions! 

3/15/21: Andrew gave a talk on the opportunities for undergraduate research in our lab and the department to the Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students at UofL. Big thanks to Jensen Smith and Nicholas McCann for the invitation!


2/12/21: Andrew discussed photovoltages in plasmon-enhanced electrocatalysis during a virtual seminar at the Department of Chemistry at Eastern Kentucky University. Our Ph.D. program was also highlighted during this event. Prospective students apply here!


1/21/21: Andrew presented at the BK Four International Symposium: Materials for Solar Energy Harvesting & Utilization. Thanks to Prof. Youngsoo Kim for the invitation and organizing the symposium at Yeungnam University, South Korea.


1/15/21: Kyle Barnett joins the group as an undergraduate researcher to work on nanoparticle synthesis. Welcome Kyle!


1/11/21: Nawaraj (Oscar) Karki joins the group as a first year Ph.D. student. Welcome Oscar!

11/23/20: A warm welcome to Md Al Amin who joins the group as a Ph.D. student. 

9/18/20: Andrew presented a virtual seminar for the Department of Chemistry at Western Kentucky University to discuss accelerating electrocatalysis with plasmons and to highlight our graduate program. Interested students apply here!


7/24/20: New review article accepted! "Light-induced voltages in catalysis by plasmonic nanostructures" is published in Accounts of Chemical Research. Link


7/20/20: New research article accepted! "Ammonia oxidation enhanced by photopotential generated by plasmonic excitation of a bimetallic electrocatalyst" is published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Link


7/19/20: New review article accepted! "Nanoscale optical imaging in chemistry" is published in Chemical Society Reviews. Link


7/1/20: The Wilson Laboratory is established at the University of Louisville in the Department of Chemistry.