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Peer-reviewed publications

*corresponding author, †contributed equally, ‡ undergraduate author

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*Invited review for the Special Issue on Nanocatalysis

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*Invited article for the JCP Special Topic on Plasmon-Driven Energy Conversion

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*Editors' Highlight in Catalysis link


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*Among most read articles, September 2020 list


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*Designated as "Hot Paper"

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*Featured on the April issue front cover

*Among most read articles, March and May 2018 list
*Featured in Chemistry World article “Forcing reactions with plasmons”
*Thomson Reuters Highly Cited (top 1%)


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*Among most read articles, September 2017 list

*Featured in virtual issue “Plasmons for Energy Conversion”, ACS Energy Lett. 2018, 3, 1467–1469


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*News Spotlight, Nanowerk: Advancing molecular ferroelectric thin-film technologies. link    


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