Located at the University of Louisville in the Department of Chemistry, our laboratory combines research expertise in chemistry, materials science, and engineering to address problems in energy conversion and storage. In addition to the cutting-edge analytical tools developed in our laboratory, we utilize the vast resources of the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research to perform our research.

Research Mission

Our research has the primary goal of advancing the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy to meet the challenge of creating a renewable and sustainable energy economy. Our approach is to develop and employ high resolution, in situ microscopy and spectroscopy to understand chemical and material processes beyond the ensemble, at the single particle, single molecule level. 

News and Events

2/22/20: Positions available for Fall 2020!

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars interested in joining the team are encouraged to send Dr. Wilson an email (wilsonaj [at] illinois.edu) to discuss available research opportunities. 

Postdoctoral candidates should send a letter of interest and their CV.

1/10/20: The Wilson Laboratory will be established at the University of Louisville in the Department of Chemistry Fall 2020.

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